Food of UAE – 10 Dishes You Must Add to Your Checklist When in The UAE

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the gulf countries where mostly tourists visit oftenly. Most of the tourists get confused with eating, obviously we all have to eat to live and to enjoy. Right? And they are always curious to know the traditional Emirati cuisines. So here are the top most national foods which you should add to your bucket list.

 UAE Foods



This popular dish is just the heart of every Middle Eastern person. It’s a kind of an Arabic sandwich wrapped and served with lamb or chicken with Tahina (a special type of sauce made up of Chickpeas) and lots of vegetables which is optional. It can be found across the world but as this is the tradition of an Arabic food , I am sure you won’t miss that.

Shawarma UAE


UAE covers almost every country’s cuisine at one place. This is one of Lebanon’s most popular snacks. It is a flatbread filled with cheese and cooked in a large oven. Loads of cheese. You can add any vegetables, meat or oil and spices to the top. Seems interesting! Right?

Manakish UAE


Harees or Hareesa is one of the most popular dishes served in special occasions, weddings or specially prepared during Ramadan. The cooking time takes almost several hours but the taste would be out of the world. Harees is prepared by mixing meat with wheat or chicken with wheat in a pot and then the stove will do its job. Pretty delicious, why not try it?

Harees UAEoof


It’s one of the healthiest and yummy options in the UAE. It is made with fresh lettuce, cucumbers, chopped tomatoes, mint leaves, onions, lemon and olive oil, and is served with Levantine bread. It’s a great and light type of snack.

Fattoush UAE


Having Lamb or chicken served with rice is one of the traditional foods of the Middle east. This dish is served with rice and tomatoes. It is loved by both locals and expats. Making it unique in flavor.

Machboos UAE


A must try sweet dish (dessert) to try. It’s a kind of arabic vermicelli specially sticky cake made with delicious gooey cheese baked in shredded phyllo dough before dipping in a sugar syrup.

Kunafa UAE


A tough competition between shawarma and falafel. This is also one of the dishes liked by everyone specially for vegetarian people. Falafel is deep fried chickpeas. Some people love to eat it when it is wrapped in a roll with fresh vegetables and various dressings and then magic happens.



Well, let’s talk about the emirati breakfast. Then only a name pops up here is Balaleet. It is a combination of both sugary and salty nutrients. It is prepared with vermicelli, and is sweetened with rose water, cinnamon and saffron, served with a small egg omelet on top.



This meal is one of the national foods of the UAE and similar to Machboos. It is a healthy and filling dish, cooked with grilled lamb, or mutton served over rice and vegetables and nuts.


Chelo Kabab

Chelo Kebab is among the best food in the UAE. Served in boats on a bed of sweet-smelling rice, it is a simple but delicious dish. To get the best taste of this dish, it is recommended that you prepare it over a charcoal grill instead of a normal stove.

Chelo Kabab


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