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Good Video Editing Software plays a pivotal role in the life of a video creator, movie maker, or game creator because the audience’s attention is directly proportional to the editing of the project.

But what if you can get free Video Editing Software with tools almost the same as paid software?? Yes, it would be great!

Basically, we are here with the top five free software for video editing, animated movie making, creating games, YouTube videos, and much more!!

So, Whether you’re a beginner needing something simple for YouTube or a professional requiring more advanced features and uniqueness, the free software is available without any WATERMARK!!

Here are the five best FREE video editing software listed below:

1. VSDC. (For Windows only)
2. Open Shot. (For Microsoft, Mac, and Linux)
3. Movie Maker & Movie Maker 10. (For Windows)
4. Blender. (For Windows, Mac, and Linux)
5. Shotcut.(For Microsoft, Mac, and Linux)

Let’s have some brief idea about it below:

1. VSDC:

Top 5 Free Video Editing Software

This non-linear video editing application was founded in 2011 and developed by Flash-Integro LLC and is available in 13 languages!

The availability of VSDC is at two levels.
1. Free
2. $19.99 Pro edition

Baically, the subscription is valid for a year and can be operated on two computers.

Certainly, this software is available only for Windows OS-based PCs and laptops, having features not less than paid professional software!

•4K ultra high definition and 3D videos.!
•Supports VR and 360 videos.
•Can take motion track shots.
•Also change video background using chroma key.

Accordingly, we can be sure it is no less than any paid professional software, right?

Lastly, If you are not using windows, you can have a look over the next one.


2. Openshot:

Top Free Video Editing Software

It is a great video editing software with a fantastic set of features. Notably, Jonathan Thomas created it in August 2008.

Openshot is a simple video editing software available for three operating systems
i.e., Windows, Mac, and Linux, having easy editing tools and a clean interface.

Correspondingly, you can master editing videos using Openshot software in significantly less time.

•Can trim video editing and slice.
•Can add in videos, animations & keyframes.
• Also add slow motion, time effect, and video effect.
•3D Animations, Audio waveform, and texts can also be added.

Explicitly, the most amazing part about this editing software is that its interface is much more straightforward.
Likewise, you will easily understand how to edit videos after using this software.


3. Movie Maker:

Top Free Video Editing Software

An official video editor of Microsoft specially designed for Windows computer systems.

Fourthly, It’s Alternatives are available for Linux.
Movie Maker was initially released on September 14, 2000.

Notably, It can efficiently work on Windows10 as well as Windows 11. It’s free, as mentioned above, but its paid version is also available.

Moreover, You can cut, trim, and join videos using a movie maker.
•Also, add music and text.
•Advanced features like image filters, transition effects, and pan-zoom effects are also available.
•It is a Beginner friendly Video editor.
•No need for heavy systems.
•Can work with a light computer or laptop system efficiently.

Eventually, it Exports video in HD quality.

Indeed, this video editing software is best for those people having no idea about video editing and are learning to edit videos professionally.


4. Blender:

Top Free Video Editing Software

Remarkably. Ton Roosendaal, the Dutch Software Developer, developed this software.
It was launched in January 1995.

Especially, Blender is designed for professionals knowing graphics and video editing, game creating animated movie making.

Comparatively, you might have heard about this software; let’s see some unique features.

•Main features are modeling, animation, FX, Sculpting, rendering, and compositing.
•It is an open-source 3D computer graphics software.
•Helpful in creating animated movies.
•Can create visual effects,3D models, motion graphics, etc.
•Can Design 3D applications along with computer games also.

Interestingly, it is a blessing for professionals. Though it is a little bit hard to use, once you understand the features, it becomes so easy.


5. Shotcut:

Top Free Video Editing Software

Initially, Charlie Yates developed Shotcut in November 2004, but the recent version is a rewrite by Dan Dennedy.

Further, this application has a UI interface like any professional video editing software! Extremely Good for Low-End-PC.

Evidently, it is used as commercial software for the management of projects and issue tracking.

Following, the decent choice for YouTubers and accessible for all three systems, open source, cross-platform video editor.

Surprisingly, it can do the same work as paid professional video editing software, but for FREE!!

•Here, you can get a lot of video editing features, effects, etc.
•Can edit up to 4K resolution video.
•Supports Audio editing, Audio capture, and Webcam capture.
•Color grading, the addition of texts, animations, effects, etc., can be done.

Finally, You can get more brief information about all these software on the internet.
Additionally, with many tutorials on how to use each tool in any video editing software.

Formerly, people have also shared their reviews, do check them out and find yourself the desirable software.

So, try these top five free video editing software for creating incredible videos!


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