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Traveling takes us out of our comfort zone plus has a distinct pleasure, and traveling by Train gives rise to the doubling of that pleasure, provoking us to discover, taste, and attempt new things.

With aircraft, cars, cabs, buses, cruises, and all sorts of modern technologies out there, You might have wondered, why people still travel by train.

To travel long distances, the fastest means of public transport created and used are the high-speed trains, as they run at speeds greater than 200km/h.

Surprisingly, Every single day 1.8 billion people travel by train among which 24 million passengers are Indians!!!

Let’s have a look at the top five benefits of Travelling by train. So that the question arising in the brain can be resolved!


Let us talk about the benefits in detail.

1. Comfortable:

Basically, the facilities for sitting and lying down along with wider relaxed seats and a lot more leg room make the train journey comfortable for kids as well as adults.

Passengers experience smooth and turbulence-free rides, where seats are more spacious usually enough roomier than the back seat of a car or an economy class airplane seat.

Additionally, while traveling you can feel the positivity of the green fields of the country plus the beautiful mountains, rivers, and natural sceneries add bulk of joy and amusement.

Peacefully, you can read a book, magazine, work, or can buy something to fulfill your cravings and thirst!


2. Eco-Friendly:

You will be amazed to learn that Train transport is considered an environmentally friendly aspect of transport.

Aside from walking or bicycling, Train journeys smoke 75% fewer greenhouse gases compared to cars. Emission per passenger is five times less than that of cars!

Notably, in some countries, trains constitute less than 3% of all transport gas emissions!

Undoubtedly, Trains are an energy-efficient mode of transportation.


3. Safe:

Travelling with train

“If you are a passenger on a Train, you are extremely safe”, said one of the experts named Allan Zarembski, a professor at the University of Delaware and director of its railway engineering and safety program.

He has also told in USA TODAY that “Ground Transport Modes” Trains are safest and traveling by Train is dramatically safer than by car.

Why are trains safest?

On your way you don’t have to face unexpected vehicles, giving rise to losing control over the wheel.

No troublesome and potentially risky situations or immediate shifts and turns have to be handled.

Aged, handicapped people or small kids don’t have to face the speed brakes resulting in sudden brakes and turns, which prevents injuries and stiffness in the neck or back.

Remarkably, studies have shown that the percentage of accidents and deaths due to train is comparatively low.


4. Food and drink options:

Food adds a good vibe to the journey on the Train, that joy of having a bunch of snacks and plenty of drinks can not be expressed in words.

A lot of choices are given by Train travel for eating and drinking.

Unlike planes where meals are usually not reasonable, with a shortage of picks as there are a lot of security restrictions on stuff like liquids,
Trains provide not only cheap meals but also snacks and drinks with different flavors and styles respective to the location.

Memorably, The mornings of the train ride in India are memorable, the smell of the tea with the pouring style of the seller amazes the travelers a lot.

Addictively, A hot sip of ‘chai’ with Indian snacks and biscuits is one of the best moments in the Indian Train journeys.


5. Luggage Friendly:

Travelling with train

Unlike air travel, the train enables you to carry as much luggage as you can keep without any additional costs.

One of the commonest and most beneficial aspects of civil and goods transport in today’s time is TRAIN.

Comparatively, the cars and buses one thing comes to mind having more luggage becomes a problem for sitting whereas the train resolves it.

If you are a business person or running a small business at home wishing to save transport charges, the train assists in bringing the selling materials according to the weight you can lift.

You can keep eye on your belongings too or can use anything from any bag in a moving train as it’s not possible.

But in any other vehicle, as you have to wait for the stop so that you can take out the requirements from the bag from car dicky, only if it’s private.

Otherwise, any public transport other than the train cannot provide this facility.

To sum up, one can read something down, listen to music, watch videos, sleep or rest comfortably.

Also save time as well as money, go green as trains are eco-friendly.

Plus Munch snacks, play games with friends and family and enjoy the scenery all around.

One can socialize and make new friends from different states and countries.

And can know more about their different cultures and rituals directly from the people.

One can write a book or an article by gathering knowledge from the window of the train and exploring many more unimaginable things and moments.

One can also learn words of different languages from your neighbor on the train or can move from one coach to another.

Train journeys are merely one of a kind. Uniqueness this journey offers does not exist in any other journey.


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