Top Foods : The Best Foods in Every Gulf Country

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Are you planning to visit one of the gulf countries (Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Qatar)? Or are you curious to know the traditional foods? In this article, we are going to discuss some of the Top foods which you have to add on your bucket list. Some of the common lovable Top foods which you can find across these countries are: Shawarma, Falafel, Luqaimat, Umm Ali etc.

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The UAE is known for its two major cities, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which attract millions of tourists each year. This country is known for its luxury lifestyle and the heart of most of the tourists. Also the largest building- Burj al Khalifa is also in Dubai.This country is known for its luxury lifestyle and the heart of most of the tourists. The most famous dish of the UAE is Khuzi. It is served with rice and topped with grilled chicken or lamb along with mixed vegetables. Scrumptious? I know that right. So don’t miss this dish.

Top foods of Oman

Oman is famous for its treasures that have a lot of history hidden inside. Wadis (river valleys), forts, Jebel Akhdar (tourist mountains) etc. It also contains a lot of traditional food. Shuwa is a special Omani meal that is often prepared during Eid celebrations or a major event. As a matter of fact, the process of making Shuwa is also very different. They will first marinate the lamb with the spices and then wrap it in banana leaves. After that, they will dump it in an underground sand oven. After a few days it will be lifted off the ground and ready to be eaten. Therefore, this meal is necessary.

Top Foods of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the largest country among the gulf countries. It is famous for its oil, Islamic origin, Arabian horses, sandy desert (Rub ‘Al Khali), the world’s largest oasis (Al-Ahsa) etc. Let’s just not go in it’s history, coming to their national top food. Kabsa is one of the most popular foods throughout Saudi Arabia. It is also served with lots of rice and cooked with chicken or lamb, mixed with vegetables and other fresh herbs to make this dish unique and delicious. Did you add this dish to your list?


Top foods of Bahrain

Bahrain is famous for its palm trees and yes the kahwa (special type of tea). Bahrain Island is widely believed to be the site of the ancient kingdom of Dilmun. Here, everyone’s first love is food. Let’s talk about the traditional food of Bahrain. There are many but mainly they love to eat Machboos which is the national food of Bahrain. It’s a fusion of Indian biryani and Saudi Kabsa but of course every dish differs in taste with their special type of ingredients and so do this also. After any food, drinking Kahwa is a must for digestion. So what are you waiting for?


Top foods of Kuwait

Kuwait is famous for its beautiful sights and hot sand dunes. Its strategic location and vast oil resources make it one of the richest countries in the world per capita. The most popular dish is their Mutabbaq Samak. Zubaidi (is their own national fish). In Arabic Samak is called Fish. The zubaidi buttery texture is mixed with spices and flour then fried until golden brown. Rice is boiled in fish stock.. The dish is garnished with herbs, nuts, and dried grapes and mixed with mango cucumbers and onion side. Taste heaven with a bowl of tomato sauce. Are you ready to taste this lavishing dish?

State of Qatar

This paragraph has to be for you girls/women out there. Why? Because Qatar is famous for its pearl and gold jewellery which you can easily find from their local souq at a great price which includes many things like necklace, bracelets and many more. Thareed is one of the most popular dishes in Qatar. This dish is likened to a pot of stew. It is a combination of vegetables, such as potatoes, carrot and, mixed with chicken or lamb. The bread in the container is placed at the bottom of the bowl, making the bread soft and full of flavor. All mixed with tomato sauce and spices. You can think of it as a dish of lasagna made in the Qatari way. Unique !!!


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