Egg Hacks : 6 Best egg hacks that will surprise you !

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Eggs are a delicious breakfast! We are always looking for quick and easy ways to make our breakfast! Also, egg yolks are not only delicious but also a healthy way to start our day. We have all heard of the evolution of eggs! From omelets to French toast, an egg can be prepared with such unique and delicious breakfast recipes. However, cooking eggs requires minimal process and precision. Meals such as illegally shared eggs or hot sun eggs are simple but require a certain amount of concentration and concentration. But who has the time for all this? We need quick and easy ways to make non-muss food without looking! That’s why we found seven egg hacks that will make your life easier.

6. Omelet in microwave

Make an omelet and have a quick and delicious breakfast. Just shake your eggs and add your favorite toppings then pop it in the microwave for 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Ta-DA the brisk omelet is ready!

5. Divide egg yolks whites using a PET bottle or water bottle

Removing egg yolks from bottled egg whites can be a Herculean flavor because the two don’t divide without messing up. Using a PET bottle or water bottle, you can use the suction (draw) to remove the egg.

4. Bake eggs in muffin tins (pans) 

If you are cooking breakfast for a huge group of people then this is the best hack for you. Break the eggs into muffin tins and put them in the oven. The eggs will be ready. You can now eat them and also can put them in sandwiches..

3. Remove small egg shells using an egg shells

Sometimes when we break an egg, small pieces of egg shells fall into the egg. We use our hands or a spoon to remove it

You can use this trick to remove that egg shell ,you can use another piece of egg shell to scoop out the tiny or small pieces of egg shells.

2. Filter the egg before mixing them

Scattered eggs are airy and have mild flavour.The perfect scrambled egg hack is to sieve the eggs before cooking them on the pan. Sifting them will remove the moisture which is not necessary from the egg.

1. Peel off egg shells easily with baking soda

When the egg shells are complicated to separate from boiled eggs . The finest trick is to mix ¼ of baking soda in water while boiling them.after this hack eggshells will peels off

Rapidly from egg.

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