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Before you start reading the article from the first point I want you to read the viewpoint of an Islamic scholar Maulana Wahiduddin Khan on “Personality”. “If you don’t want to develop a weak Personality you have to adopt a formula: “openly say, I was wrong”. When you say so, you initiate the process of self-correction within. When you say I was wrong you correct yourself and decide that you won’t repeat this in the future. This is a process of self-correction. One who is ready to initiate self-correction will develop a Strong Personality. Here are the 6 Best Ways to Improve Your Personality in all aspects:

  1. Take interest in others: We all know that we live in an ecosystem where everyone is dependent on each other, either directly or indirectly. And we are assigned some roles. Have you ever thought about why we keep dogs in the house? We feed them, take them out for a walk and love them even though they are not going to feed us back. Because they love us back in return. The more we love them, the more they will love us back. And humans, by nature, need love and attention.
  1. Be a good listener: Today our lifestyle has become very fast. We have lots of friends on social media platforms but how many in real life with you. We feel lonely in the real world and it becomes hell if we are going through bad times. We can troubleshoot a person’s anxiety or depression just by listening to him patiently. One should develop the good habit of listening to others patiently. Remember that the people you are talking to are more interested in themselves and their problems rather than you and your problems. So always encourage the person you are talking to, the person will feel the importance of himself and this will make him very happy and relaxed.
  1. Stop criticizing: Criticism hits like a bullet and it pierces one’s pride and emotions. It might be the person whom you are criticizing has done something wrong, but by doing this you are simply making an enemy. By criticizing, he will never admit his mistake but will start justifying and defending himself. In this condition, it is better to put yourself in his place and try to understand him. Talk to him and figure out the problem and appreciate him. By doing this, he will think about his mistakes and will try to change them instead of justifying himself. And ultimately, it will create a good image of yours.
  1. Stop wasting other people’s time: This is one of the bad habits in a person. We should always keep in mind that we should not waste others’ time. Not everyone is free out there. If you won’t change this bad habit then people will always try to escape from you.
  1. Avoid unnecessary quarrels: An old saying goes – “being silent once can avoid a thousand problems.” When we engage in useless quarrels our mind stops thinking logically and intellectually. It is better to remain silent and preserve your peace. If we will not develop the ability to control our anger then we won’t develop intellectually.
  1. Be silent: There is a saying of the Last Prophet in Islam i.e. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him: One who remains silent finds salvation. Being silent or speaking less is not a curse but it’s a blessing. When we speak too much we stop thinking before speaking. We all should develop the quality of thinking and analyze before speaking something. If we avoid unnecessarily talking we observe the situation more and we speak straight to the point without hurting the sentiments of others.

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