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Do you love Italian food? Yes, We do! If you have been to Italy, you will jump on a plane to do it again in a second. Why? Many things like the culture and tradition, but an important one: the food! You would always want to hop on to 5 Easy and Simple Italian Recipes, which you can make on your own when you come back home. 

The Margherita pizza from Rome and the Caprese salad in Capri is the most highly rated Italian Cuisine across the Globe. 

What is “easy when it comes to Italian cuisine? It’s never fast. Notably, these recipes are simple and use tried and proper cooking techniques, with no shortcuts!

Some are fast, like cacio e Pepe. And some are slower, like our long-simmered White and Red sauce pasta. 

Interestingly, some use time-honoured techniques like pizza dough, and others use modern methods like skillet eggplant marinara. 

Regardless of the case, everything was created especially for you: The modern home cook.

Are you ready for this?

Here, we’ve collected 5 Easy and Simple Italian Recipes that make Italian Cuisine accessible to the everyday home cook.


  • Red Sauce Pasta
  • Onion Frittata
  • Pasta and Potatoes
  • Bread and Chocolate Cake
  • Aglio E Olio
  1. Red Sauce Pasta-

Want the secret to traditional Italian-style Red sauce pasta? Surprisingly, you might have to simmer the sauce for 1 hour! 

You won’t see a lot of 1 hour simmers here because our initial passion is Easy and Simple Italian recipes. 

Even more than fast and easy, we want to be dived into the dish with flavour. This Red sauce pasta is so seriously full of flavour that it becomes delicious and worth every second of that simmer. And what says “you’re special” more than a 1-hour simmered pasta?

Heat Oil on a medium heat in a large vessel. 

Cook onion, celery, and garlic in oil; stir until soft. 

In addition to it, prosciutto and vodka (Optional) make it a soft bite. Simmer until liquid is drained.

At this moment, toss in tomatoes, cayenne, and herbs. Simmer for another 10 minutes.

Stir parmesan cheese and heat for 3 minutes.

Meanwhile, cook pasta in boiling water and add salt until done. Drain. Serve sauce over noodles. 

2. Onion Frittata

The making of a classic onion frittata is super simple. 

First of all, peel and clean the onion and slice it. Transfer cut onion to a bowl and set aside. 

Beat the eggs with oregano, and gradually add Grana Padano cheese, salt, and pepper in another bowl.

Heat 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil in a frying pan and sauté the onions for about 4 minutes on high falme until it’s moist. 

Add the egg mixture once the onions are cooked. 

Now, cook the frittata on low heat for another 3-4 minutes, and cover with a lid. Cook for another two minutes. Serve warm.

3. Pasta and Potatoes

Boil and Peel the potatoes and cut them into small cubes. 

Finely chop celery, carrots, and onion and Prepare a sauté with extra-virgin olive oil. 

We can also use shallot instead of onion, but this depends on your interests and the flavour you’re looking for.

Add the peeled potatoes and toast until brown in the pan for a couple of minutes. 

Cover the cubed potatoes with plenty of water and bring to a boil. Add the pasta and cook until it softens.

If necessary, add more boiling water. 

In hte end, add salt and pepper to taste and serve with loads of ground black pepper, and a drizzle of oil would suffice for the snack.

4. Bread and Chocolate Cake

If you have bread in your pantry and are craving a cake, then this simple and Easy recipe would make your tummy happy 😀

Beat two egg yolks with 2 ½ cups of sugar. 

Melt chocolate in a double boiler with butter. 

Add breadcrumbs and chocolate to the egg yolk mixture and mix until combined. 

Whip the egg whites with 2 ½ cups of powdered sugar until the mixture becomes consistent. 

Gently bring together the breadcrumbs and chocolate mixture. 

In the end, vacat the mixture into a shallow cake mould covered with baking parchment. 

Bake at 350°F for 30-35 minutes. 

Sprinkle with powdered sugar before servin

5. Aglio E Olio

Not two spaghetti Aglio e olio recipes are alike; however, this one is quite true to the traditional method, which makes this dish one of the 5 Simple and Easy Italian Recipes. The tip is to slowly toasting the garlic slices to a perfect golden brown in the olive oil. You don’t get the full flavour if it’s too light, and if it’s too dark, it gets bitter. Our advice? Do it perfectly.

How do we make this?

Here we are to help you-

Take water and salt in a large vessel and bring them to a boil. 

Cook spaghetti in the boiling water for 12 minutes by occasionally stirring until cooked but a bit firm to the bite. Drain out the water and seperate it to a pasta bowl.

Combine garlic and olive oil in a pan and cook for 10 minutes over medium heat to slowly toast garlic. 

Reduce heat to medium-low when you see bubbles popping in the olive oil. Cook and stir until garlic turns golden brown for another 5 minutes, and remove from heat.

Additionally, sprinkle red pepper flakes, black pepper, and salt into the pasta and stir it. Pour in olive oil and garlic, and sprinkle on Italian parsley.

Add half of the Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese; stir until the mixture is equally combined.

In the end, top the paste with the remaining Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and serve.

Note- Not a traditional tip, but for extra richness, we can add one tablespoon of butter while tossing with the cheese.

Italian recipes prohibit us from tracking calories :P, and the best snacks for our cheat days too!!


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